Why should I hire PivotUP?

A critical reason why 'High-Performing Entrepreneurs' hire PivotUP is that they want to go to a 'Higher-Level of Performance' in their Career or Business. There is a vast difference between reading a book, attending a seminar, taking an online course, and having a seasoned 'Executive Coach' support and guide you for sustainable change.

Whether your goal is a flourishing Business or in optimizing opportunities for your Career, with our proven 'Accelerator Coaching Program'​ we can help you GET RESULTS by taking action into a new, strategic direction for what is working and leaving behind what's not working for to reach a 'Higher-Level of Performance'.

What happens after I hire PivotUP?

Upon agreement to start a coaching relationship with PivotUP, you will receive (a) coaching agreement to be mutually signed so that both parties know what their rights and obligations are, (b) your invoice for the payment processing. Once the agreement is signed and the invoice is settled, you will be scheduled for your first coaching session to begin the 'Accelerator Coaching Program' either by Phone or Zoom or In-Person (Philadelphia Area Only).

What is the Accelerator Coaching Program?

With our proven 'Accelerator Coaching Program'​ we help you GET RESULTS using a flexible-structured process to inspire new thinking, to gain clarity and directional focus, to develop an action roadmap, and to provide the support and accountability necessary for you to achieve your Career or Business Goals.

To build momentum each coaching session has a 'Focused Outcome' to help you move one step closer toward reaching your Career or Business Goal no matter what's going on in your life or work world and whether you've moved forward from the previous session.

What happens after the Accelerator Coaching Program Ends?

Upon completion of the 'Accelerator Coaching Program', if you wish to continue the momentum to 'Higher Performance', we offer the 'Momentum Coaching Program' customized to help you follow through on your Career or Business Goals.

The 'Momentum Coaching Program' offers you the Accountability and Support needed to help keep you on track and to maintain the progress and commitment to reach your Career or Business Goal. The Coaching Sessions are offered either Monthly or Bi-Weekly that help you navigate the barriers and obstacles you may encounter and your commitment to keeping the momentum going to reach your Career or Business Goal.

What is the difference between Therapy, Training & Coaching?

A "Therapist" looks for the roots of your mental and emotional disorders to help you heal.

A "Trainer" helps you develop new skills and knowledge in relevant areas.

A "Coach" creates a safe conversational space where you can express your feelings, share your challenges, and work out a plan for your future. They don't judge, and they don't make decisions for you. They provide support, accountability, and encouragement to help you achieve both your short-term goals and long-term visions.

What about the Confidentiality of our Sessions?

Our sessions (including any mutual messages/emails) will be strictly confidential and we will not share any personal ideas, information, thoughts or experiences expressed by you with anyone else without your permission. The confidentiality aspect of our coaching relationship will be addressed in the agreement we sign before we start working together.