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PivotUP™ is a 'Modern Coaching Company' partnering with 'High-Performing Entrepreneurs' at a Crossroads. We strive to ensure that our clients have a clear vision for their leadership development and business growth and to develop their broader mission and core values.

Richard D. LeBoon, PCC is Founder, Managing Coach who leads a dedicated team of 'Experienced Coaches' focused on support and guidance of 'High-Performing Entrepreneurs' by helping them reach the 'Next-Level'.

In today’s noisy coaching industry, where anyone can call themselves a “Coach,” our ICF Certified Coaches take pride in their dedication to the use of Evidence-Based Coaching. This means that the coaching tools, strategies, and techniques used are supported by the evidence of psychological theories. Rather than focus on past problems, our coaches support you to PIVOT toward future viable results for 'Higher Performance'.